Our Approach

It is a big decision for the homeowner to choose a style of handle that works with your kitchen.

Whilst handles can be an option as rebated finger grips in doors create a simplistic look as trends move towards uncomplicated and refined detail.

Here are a few tips when making the final choice for handles.

Contemporary kitchens look best with streamlined pulls and sleek tubular options are a perfect complement for this modern style.

Old world inspired handles work well in traditional or European style kitchens.

Glass knobs are a stylish choice if you are seeking a bit of glamour in your kitchen. Glass knobs are a classic option that provides sparkle and colour.

With painted cabinets just about any finish on handles will work. The same is true for timber cabinets. Choose from chrome, bronze or even brass as all would be a good choice for you kitchen.

One no fail solution is to coordinate the finish of your handles with the finish on the appliances. It’s perfectly fine to mix styles too, and in those circumstances you can’t go wrong when you keep the finish consistent.

When hunting for handles the most important thing is to make choices that work with the style of your space, the appliances and fixtures and make selections that you will love for years to come.

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